Zdeno Kuzmány

Mautic & Symfony developer

skype: zdenokuzmany

A good idea is a good idea...forever
David Brent

Mautic expert

The most active member of Mautic community with more like 300 contributtions to official repository

„Zdeno is one of the top experts on Mautic. He has deep understanding of how automation works and opportunities of it. Even I was not aware of some of them, until he showed me.“

Ján Linhart (full-time developer employed by Mautic)


MTC Extendee - extension for Mautic


Webmecanik (FRA)
Ballistix (USA)
LEAP Australia
NewCom4u (SUI)

Hire me

At the moment I have a few job request every week.
But write me If you're interest work with me.
Hope we find way How to boost your bussines
Please respect my time. My hourly rate is 40€/hour