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Zdeno Kuzmány

Expert on Mautic and Marketing Automation
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Expert on marketing automation for e-shops using the system Mautic

I have been in the online business for over 12 years. For the last 2 years, however, I'm 120% specialized in marketing automation using Mautic and I can move your e-shop up one level higher.

What is Mautic?

" Zdeno is the closest to Mautic in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. He understood the principles of marketing automation to detail and its possibilities. I did not even know about some of them."
Ján Linhart (full-time Developer at Mautic)

Mautic is a great and advanced marketing automation system. You can download it for free or use its set version online. With Mautic, you can make contacts from anonymous visitors and then reach out through marketing channels like email, notifications, or pop-ups.

You do not know Mautic? Its popularity is growing at extreme speed (source Google Trends). We use the Mautic system from the first version, we have it deployed to several clients and we are actively contributing to the development. Thanks to this, we can use Mautic for 100%.

That sounds good, doesn’t it?

But what is the marketing automation?

Basically, we want to know who's doing your e-shop, what's the buying behaviour, and on this I want to drive automated communication with multiple marketing channels.

What will bring marketing automation to my e-shop and brand?

Increases sales in a short time (4-6 weeks)Automates part of marketing communications and saves your timeReturns the customer back to the e-shop even after leavingIncreases the efficiency of paid channels like AdWords

Are you interested in my services?

At present, I am quite busy, I work on various projects. Feel free to write to me but as far as my best, I'll help with additional programming functionality, I give consultations. If you want new features to Mautic, write to me what they are and if they fit into my concept, I will prepare them for you. My hourly rate is 50€.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on ESET's secret super project. In addition, I collaborate with other brands and develop MadeSimple.shop. I still contribute to the development of the Mautic system and besides, I have million other activities.

I have questions. More questions :)

Sure, write me at e-mail: zdeno@kuzmany.biz.