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Expert in maketing automation with Mautic

Hey there, my name is Zdeno Kuzmány. I’ve been working in online marketing for 12 years and for the past two I have been focused on doing marketing automation, using a tool called Mautic. Mautic is a poweful automation tool, that can help you increase your monthly revenue in a short period of time. E-mail me, if you‘d like me to explain how Mautic works and what it can do for your business.

What is Mautic?

„Zdeno is one of the top experts on Mautic in Slovakia and Czech republic. He has deep understanding of how automation works and its possibilites. Even I was not aware of some of them, until he showed me.“
Ján Linhart (full-time developer employed by Mautic)

Mautic is an advanced marketing automation system, which helps to convert website visitors to customers. The system collects anonymous visitors and turns them into leads, which you can engage by sending them automated notifications, e-mail newsletters or pop-ups. You can download it for free or use its set version online.

You don’t know what Mautic is? Mautic’s popularity is fast growing, just check Google Trends. (source Google Trends). We have been using Mautic since it first launched in 2009 and installed it for numbers of happy clients. Since it is Open source, we often contribute our own improvements to the system. This has helped us to learn how to use Mautic to it’s full potential.

Sounds good right?

But what is marketing automation?

Firstly, we need to know who does what on your website and learn about their purchasing behaviour. Based on this data we can then engage them in automated communication, using various marketing tools.

What can marketing automation do for my e-shop and brand?

What are the benefits of marketing automation?
increasing sales in a short amount of time (4-6 weeks)automating marketing tasks and saving your time leading the customer back to your e-shop after he or she leaves increasing effectiveness of paid advertising, such as Adwords

Are you interested in my services?

I am pretty busy at the moment, working on various projects. Don’t be afraid to get in touch though, if its within my possibilities, I will gladly help with programming functionality, or give consultations. If you want new functionality for your Mautic, let me know what it is and if it fits within my concept, I will get them ready for you. My hourly rate is 50 EUR.

What are you working on right now?

I am working on a secret project for Eset right now. IBesides that, I also collaborate with other brands and we are developing a tool called MadeSimple.shop.I constantly add new features to Mautic Open source and have a million other activities.

I have a question. Actually, I have more questions :)

Of course, just e-mail me zdeno@kuzmany.biz.